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Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
Essential oil diffuser bracelets are our favorite way to take our oils on the go! And we love to mix, match, and create our own yummy smelling blends. In the summertime, we reach for everything citrus and this energizing blend of Tangerine + Lemon + Grapefruit will keep you going all day or brighten up a favorite room in your house!

Here are a few tips to use them with your diffuser bracelet or in your home diffuser:

1- On a diffuser bracelet - Add one drop of each oil to different wood beads on a single bracelet or add a drop of each oil to different bracelets to create your own custom diffuser stack.

2- In your home diffuser - Add water along with two drops of each to your diffuser and push start!

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Bracelet in photo:  Hope Bracelet | Blush

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