How they can transform your everyday life

Are you a die-hard essential oil lover? You’re certainly not alone. Maybe your mom, sisters, best friends, colleagues, and even Facebook acquaintances are big enthusiasts of them, too—for a good reason.

Essential oils offer many health and wellness benefits, such as helping you deal with stress, guiding you into a more relaxed state to get some much-needed sleep, and increasing your energy level to overcome the afternoon slump.

No matter your reason for using them, if you’re anything like me, then you wish you could tote all your oils with you wherever you go, so you can breathe in your favorite scents, just like you would if you had it diffusing throughout your home for hours on end.

Thankfully, you can do exactly that with an essential oil diffuser bracelet, except that you don’t need to tote around a bag full of bottles. Not only does wearing a diffuser bracelet on your wrist compliment your style, but it also gifts you the opportunity to take in the calming or energizing properties of your preferred oils throughout the day - wherever you may be.


To answer this essential question, it’s best to go straight to the leaders in wellness, like those at! They offer the following (super straightforward, might I add) explanation of essential oils:

“Breaking it down into basics, essential oils (sometimes referred to as EOs) are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from the bark, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, stems, and other parts of plants. They give a plant its distinct aroma and play a crucial role in the survival of the plant as a whole, as well as its participation in the chain of life.”

I’ll do my very, very best to not get all “science-y” on you (as you might not know, I’m a full-time scientist!). But, to better understand essential oils, let’s take a closer look at the definition mentioned above, shall we?


Picture yourself twisting the cap off of your favorite oil. As soon as you do that, your nose immediately picks up a distinct and powerful aroma. That’s the moment when the volatile aromatic compounds come into the picture. Once the oils are exposed to air, they are expelled as a gas, making them superpotent to the human nose. That explains why your spouse can even catch a whiff of it when he’s watching his favorite sports team on the TV in the basement!


While there are a handful of different methods, the most common is steam distillation. It involves the flow of steam into a chamber holding the parts of the plant being used. The steam then causes small sacs of essential oil to break open. To collect the oil, the steam mixture passes through a condenser and, as it cools, the oil rises and gets separated from the water.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact you might not know! When you hear the term “oil,” you may associate it with those you cook with, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil. These are fixed oils, which don’t evaporate the same way essential oils do. Essential oils, on the other hand, don’t contain any fatty acids, and are only called “oils” because of the oil-soluble chemicals collected from the plant.


Did you know the history of essential oils goes back at least 5,000 years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia? Yes, it’s true! And the ancient Egyptians were also blazing the trails of aromatherapy by using oils to create their exotic perfumes and rub onto bodies for mummification and burial, preserving them of their royalty and preparing them for the afterlife.

That said, a quick glance at Internet search results will prove it’s virtually impossible to identify who we truly have to thank for bringing such an essential and much-talked-about product of today’s world to life.

While the kinds of oils we know and use today differ from the past, it’s obvious cultures around the world have been using them as part of their wellness and spiritual toolkit for thousands of years. And, the long list of essential oil benefits illustrates the exact reason why.


Aroma research has found that our smell affects our emotions and mood. When you simply inhale an essential oil, you can put your nervous and anxious feelings at ease. How exactly? According to doTERRA, “the smell receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make direct links with the limbic system of the brain, an area that governs the body’s emotional responses.

This close connection between aroma and emotion becomes obvious in our everyday life as certain odors trigger memories or specific feelings. Some aromas directly impact mood (for example calming, balancing, or invigorating), while others trigger memories of a specific experience, often one tied to a strong emotion.” Your sense of smell is more powerful than you think!

Essential oils help to stimulate positive signals in your brain, which can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. And, if a good night’s sleep is only a dream of yours right now, incorporate them into your bedtime routine to help with insomnia and allow your body the rest it needs.

Whether you’re experiencing skin inflammation, sinus issues, achy joints and muscles, or even digestive disorders, essential oils can help ease those aches and pains.

During those cold winter months, when the flu seems to be around every corner and on every doorknob, essential oils like eucalyptus, oregano, thieves, ginger, and lemon to name a few can give your immune system a little boost.

So many people are prone to dry, irritated, and sensitive skin, especially in the cold winter months. And, many makeup, lotion, and body wash products on the market are filled with harsh synthetic ingredients (ex. parabens and formaldehyde-releasers that prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms) - only making matters worse.

So instead, opt for essential oils like chamomile or lavender, which are derivednaturallyto help soothe skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and scarring.

In the summer, your essential oils will become your best friend. When my family and I took a trip to Mexico a few years ago, the guys and kids in the group applied those toxic drugstore bug sprays all over themselves to keep the mosquitoes away, while I happily added a few drops of essential oils to my lava rock diffuser bracelet and ankles (with a roller bottle).

Everyone complained about getting lots of bites, while I managed to get bit just a couple times the entire week. So, as you can imagine, about halfway through our vacation, everyone was begging me to share my bug oil with them (keep reading to learn about my favorite blend!).

If you’re trying to keep those toxic ingredients and synthetic fragrances out of your beauty routine and home, replacing your candles and perfumes with an essential oil is a wonderful idea. Buy a ready-made blend from your oil company or create your own custom blend. Then, take it to the next level by wearing and diffusing your favorite essential oils on an essential oil diffuser bracelet to keep unhealthy chemicals away.

How to use Essential Oils

Ultimately, the benefits you enjoy will depend not only on the type of oil you choose, but also how you use it. Take your pick from any of the following commonly-used applications:

1- Carefully inhale straight from the bottle, on a vessel (such as a cotton ball, felt pad, or cloth), or diffuse in your home to enjoy various therapeutic benefits

2- Apply to an essential oil diffuser bracelet and wear it around your wrist to boost your mental and physical well-being, and keep your oils close all day

3- Generously dilute with a carrier oil (like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and more, which help prevent the volatile oils from evaporating) in roller bottles and apply to areas where you need it most to soothe scrapes, ease aches and pains, and boost your mood

4- Ingest (only after consulting a trusted healthcare professional) for dietary and digestive purposes

5- Spray your home’s surfaces and other belongings to clean and deodorize

No matter your reason for using your favorite oils, however, the positive health benefits truly are endless. Personally, I’ve been happily using oils to help with stress, ease a tummy ache, soothe my tired muscles, drift off to sleep, and keep those pesky mosquitoes away in the summer months.

But, maybe you’re wondering what exactly creates these various benefits you enjoy. If so, each oil has a unique composition based on the naturally-occurring plant-based chemicals involved. Dying to learn the exact term? These are scientifically known as phytochemicals, which obviously interact with your body in a number of favorable ways.

Though, with the many different essential oils on the market—each one offering up a list of positive benefits—the decision on which ones you should add to your must-use list can often be overwhelming.


This is one of the most popular questions I get asked from customers who’ve purchased one of our essential oil diffuser bracelets. And honestly, it’s a tough one to answer because, while there are so many oil scents to choose from, it all depends on what you’re using your oils for, whether it be to energize you, calm your stress, or boost your mood. But, to figure out where to begin, here’s my starter list of must-have favorites and their unique benefits:


This is one of the most well-loved essential oils, which is likely because of its calming properties. Not only does it help soothe you to sleep and keep anxiety at bay, but it’s also soothing for skin irritations.


Known for being one of the most prized oils throughout history, it’s beneficial for the skin (especially when added to your moisturizer) and can give you extra immune support during the winter months.

citrus (lemon, lime, orange & grapefruit)

These play many roles, such as being instant mood boosters, helping to freshen up any room in your home, and serving as excellent natural cleaning alternatives.


Relieves those sore muscles and helps clear your sinuses when you’re experiencing those dreaded seasonal allergy symptoms and winter colds.


Wonderful for indigestion and can ease those pesky stress headaches.


Increases your mental focus and sharpens your concentration, reduces your stress levels, and gives an extra boost to your immune system.



If any of the essential oils shared above provide the benefits you’re hoping to enjoy while wearing your diffuser bracelet, you’re probably wondering where the best place is to buy them.

But, before I divulge those details, there are a lot of very strong opinions on the "best,” safest, and most cost-effective oils. While I have my favorite sources, I'm not here to convince you that one company is better than another. Ultimately, that’s up to you to decide for yourself by doing research to find a reputable source that sells the oils you love!

While you might be tempted to resort to purchasing the very first aromatherapy product that pops up on Amazon, you’ll want to be sure not to skimp on the quality. I say that because you can come across some that are artificially created. To avoid that, here are a few criteria you should consider before hitting the “add to cart” button:


It’s important you understand that the price you pay is for the quality of the essential oil. As reveals, if you’re dealing with a high-quality essential oil, it generally has to do with the quantity of plant material required for production. Consider peppermint - it obviously takes a large amount of plant material to gain one drop of peppermint essential oil. On the other hand, for herbs and plants that grow in abundance and are relatively easily harvested, such as citrus fruits or basic herbs, the cost of the essential oils aren’t as steep.

So, just keep in mind that if the price of an oil seems too good to be true, it typically is. Now, this isn’t to say the price should be astronomical by any means. There are some companies out there, however, that are very quick to add other chemicals to offset the cost of their essential oils or cut corners in the production, which will alter the elements. This results in lesser-quality oils that could do more harm than good.

TRY THIS TIP WITH YOUR OILS: If you want to do a test on your own to see how “pure” your essential oil is, you can put a single drop of it on a piece of blank paper. Allow it time to dry, and if it evaporates quickly and leaves no noticeable ring, it’s pure. If you have a ring left, then it’s probably been diluted by the manufacturer with another substance of some sort. Keep in mind, this won’t work as well with darker oils like myrrh, patchouli, and absolutes.


You’ll come across terms such as “therapeutic grade” or “clinical grade.” These terms are frequently used by suppliers to make claims about the quality of their oils in comparison to their competitors. While these may not be misleading claims, it’s important to take a closer look because no organization currently oversees therapeutic quality. A frequently agreed-upon definition of “therapeutic grade,” however, includes the oil be from a named species, single crop, and single distillation.

But, the label can also provide valuable information, such as the botanical name, country of origin, distillation date and/or expiration date, and chemotype (if applicable - only when the same plant, like thyme orThymus vulgaris, has a different chemical profile based on where it is grown). When comparing essential oils companies, here’s a good test to ensure you choose one that sells quality oils: take a closer look at the label to see if the oils are produced from plants that are grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally) and, if possible, that they’re made from wild-crafted (meaning, indigenously grown / not removed entirely when harvested) or organic plants.


Some retailers are members of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), which means they have to comply with its ethics standards. Another possible indicator of ethical and therapeutic standards is if a company has trained aromatherapists on staff to assist with crafting reliable product recommendations. Though, ideally, whichever oils company you choose should offer opportunities to learn how to properly use its products (ex. A member resources section of its site) to reap the many benefits.


In today’s world, a sound number of customers are choosing to purchase as many eco-friendly products as they can to minimize their effect on global climate change. And, many companies are taking notice of these shifts to meet new market demands and create a competitive advantage.

Therefore, to further show an increased level of responsibility for the products they sell and the essential oil industry as a whole, some retailers might partner with distilleries or growers to form cooperatives or other sustainability initiatives. It takes large quantities of plant matter to produce essential oils, so it’s critical companies work towards finding substitutes for those endangered aromatics.

Think that’s a hefty list of criteria to meet? Most suppliers you come across won’t have a check mark next to every single one. But, having a better understanding of what makes up an ethical essential oil company and high-quality products will help you choose the right one for you.

Two of the larger and well-known favorites are Young Living and doTERRA. They both have lots of fans around the world who enjoy their essential oils, personal care products, and educational resources.

Again, however, take your time researching those on the market and make a decision based on the best line and oils that will meet your needs. Then, before you know it, you’ll be using essential oils in a way that allows you to enjoy their many benefits!

My preferred method? Diffusing a few drops of my favorite oil (or blend) onto an essential oil diffuser bracelet that not only compliments my style, but also holds a special meaning.


Earlier, I mentioned applying your favorite oil to an essential oil diffuser bracelet and wearing it around your wrist to enrich your mental and physical well-being and keep your oils close all day.

Now, are you ready to shop around for the perfect essential oil diffuser bracelet to add to your jewelry collection and begin enjoying the topical and aromatic benefits of oils while you’re at work or on the go? Well, you’ll notice all essential oil diffuser bracelets have one thing in common – a porous stone or material that easily absorbs essential oils.

What kind of porous stone, exactly? Lucky for us, there are a number of options out there – lava stone, wood, leather (or faux leather), and clay are some great examples. While they’re each made of very different material, they’re all fabulous at absorbing essential oils and slowly releasing the scent throughout the day.

You can find diffuser bracelets made of braided leather (or faux leather), some with just lava or wood beads, and others like the bracelets we design here at Charliemadison Originals, combining natural gemstones with black lava stone or wood beads.

Choosing essential oil diffuser bracelets with natural gemstones offers an added bonus. You can select stones that have a special meaning to you. For example, in a lava rock diffuser bracelet, the lava rocks are known as stones of grounding and protection. They help with finding your focus, bringing balance to your life, and grounding scattered energy. Pair them with Amazonite gems, which are wonderful balancing stones, promoting kindness and confidence, and soothing your worries and fears. Not only is your bracelet functional to allow you to take your oils on the go, but it’s also fun and meaningful, giving you something to remember throughout the day.


No matter which brand of oils you find to be the one to use with your diffuser bracelet, applying them is quick and easy. Just choose your favorite single oil or blend, add a drop or two to your finger or directly onto the porous material – whether it’s lava stone, wood, leather, or clay – and rub gently to encourage the oil to absorb.

Now you’re ready to take your favorite scents along with you as you run errands, log hours in the office, hit the grocery store to stock the pantry, or drop the kids off at school!


You might have a favorite home diffuser blend you use on the regular. But, re-creating it on your essential oil bracelet can often be tricky - especially if it includes several oils. It’s safe to say that adding more than two drops of oil to one bracelet can get messy! So, what’s the solution? If you love stacking bracelets on your wrist like I do, you can create your own custom diffuser stack with two, three, or more essential oil diffuser bracelets. Then, choose 2-3 different oils and add one drop of each oil on a different bracelet.

Or, if you’re more of a single bracelet gal, mix several oils together in a small dropper bottle and add a single drop of the blend to the lava or wood beads of your diffuser bracelet. Finally, all those home diffuser blends you love so much can be used while you’re on-the-go! If you want to experiment with essential oil jewelry blend recipes, here are some quick and easy combos you can wear on your diffuser bracelet each day:


This is energizing and calming all in one. Simply add one drop of each oil to different porous stone beads on a single essential oil bracelet or add a drop of each oil to different bracelets to create your own diffuser stack.


You’ll notice the aroma to be a little earthy and woodsy from the rosemary, plus a fresh, energizing boost from the lemongrass. Add one drop of each oil to different porous stone beads on a single essential oil bracelet or create a beloved diffuser stack and add a drop of each oil to the different bracelets.


If you’re looking for a way to stay focused throughout the day - without resorting to grabbing yet another cup of coffee - just use one drop of Wild Orange and one drop of Peppermint on your essential oil bracelet, and you’ll find it easier to stay alert.


Want to clear up that stuffy nose that won’t go away during allergy season? Add a drop of Spearmint and a drop of Eucalyptus to your diffuser bracelet or stack for the relief you need.


As I promised earlier, if you don’t already have a favorite bug blend, this combo will quickly become that for you! Before your next trip to a tropical (or humid) spot, add equal amounts of Citronella, Lemongrass, and Geranium essential oils to a small dropper bottle. Then, use it to add a drop or two to your diffuser bracelet before you leave home, and re-apply as needed.

Looking for even more recipes to use on your essential oil jewelry? Visit the essential oils section of the blog!

Loving Essential Oils also shares how you can benefit from using an essential oil diffuser bracelet, and her favorite oils to wear with essential oil jewelry.


If you’re going to be on-the-go with your essential oil jewelry, I’m sure you want to know how long the scent of the oils you choose will last. And, the answer to your question really depends on the specific oil or blend and how much of it you use. However, a good rule of thumb is if you use a drop or two, it might last you anywhere between two to four hours.

But, sometimes you might get lucky and find it even lasts all day - especially if you apply more than one oil to your diffuser bracelet. I will say, after trying lots of oil combos, I’ve found that cinnamon and minty oils tend to last a bit longer, sometimes 24 hours, while the citrusy scents have to be refreshed after a few hours.Though, if it’s genuinely your favorite oil or blend, remember that you can always re-apply throughout the day when you need a little pick-me-up!


If you’re a big fan of your diffuser bracelet and apply oils every day or a few times a day, the lava stones in your bracelet can get coated or cloudy, especially when they rub against the natural oils from your skin. If this happens, you can clean the lava stones by using a tiny bit of dish soap and water, or even rubbing gently with a small brush or cloth. Afterward, be sure to thoroughly dry your bracelet so the metal beads and rings don’t tarnish.

If the lava stones on your Charliemadison diffuser bracelet become too hard to clean over time, however, you can send your bracelet back to our studio to have the stones replaced. Simply visit our Bracelet Repair page for more information - we’re happy to help! For more tips on caring for your jewelry, explore our Customer Service + FAQs page.


If you consider yourself to be more of a DIY gal, why resort to quickly clicking on a listing to purchase on Etsy when you can create your very own clay and gemstone essential oil diffuser jewelry? It’s a thoughtful gift option, and there are many tutorials out there to help you design pieces of your very own - like a doTERRA or Young Living-inspired diffuser bracelet or even a necklace (inspired by Mommypotamus).

But, my favorite (and virtually foolproof, might I add) is from Hello Glow - a destination for natural wellness, nutrition, and skincare. And the best part? You won’t need many materials to make it! Just some air dry clay, a wooden skewer, Stretch Magic (or other brand of jewelry making stretch cord), and beads or gemstones of your choice.

Now, the only thing left to do is get to crafting by following the steps Hello Glow shares in its tutorial so you can wear your DIY doTERRA diffuser bracelet or Young Living diffuser bracelet sooner rather than later!

Voilà! Your DIY essential oil diffuser bracelet is ready to go with your favorite oil or blend. Way to go, crafty lady.

Whether or not you choose to purchase an essential oil diffuser bracelet or create your very own, adding aromatherapy pieces to your jewelry collection is a stylish and entirely practical way to take in the therapeutic benefits of oils all day long.

And the best part? You won’t need to cart around a diffuser or all your favorite oils in your already-heavy purse! It truly is a win-win in my book.


Now that you’re in-the-know on the history of essential oils, how to use them, where you can buy them, and so much more, let us help you pick the perfect essential oil bracelet for you.

Here at Charliemadison Originals, there are so many to choose from - more than 25 to be exact! So, I know for a fact that the decision on which one you should buy first is often a tough one. While I may be biased - yes, it’s a safe bet that all of the essential oil bracelets are my favorite, I’m happy to point you in the right direction. We truly have something for everyone - whether you’re treating yourself or gifting to someone else!

Not only are our essential oil diffuser bracelets practical tools to help you take your oils on-the-go, but each piece of jewelry holds a special meaning that’s intended to serve as an everyday reminder of what you cherish most. Browse our essential oil diffuser jewelry collection to find the one that means the most to you.

Want to learn more about the gemstones we use in our essential oil diffuser bracelets? Visit our Gemstone Meanings page, which can lend you an extra helping hand when you want to choose the one for yourself or that special gal in your life!

Now that you know how easily essential oil diffuser bracelets can help you keep your oils close every day and you've discovered a few basic oil blends to add to your diffuser bracelet, be sure to grab our free guide with 25 more DIY bracelet blend recipes you can try at home - the link to download your copy is below.

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