It's so much more than a simple decoration - learn about the symbolism behind the Charliemadison leather knot.

Do you notice a common thread among each of our bracelets? Yes, our leather knot. But it’s so much more than just a simple decoration. It’s a symbol that ties us to everything that is Charliemadison Originals—our U.S. Navy roots, our mission, and our belief in the power of family and community.
When you slip one of our bracelets around your wrist, think of this knot connecting you to your past, present, and future. We’re talking about the beautiful memories you’ve made over the years with those you call family. Your daily intention to celebrate the small joys in life. And, most importantly, your focus on the everyday moments that matter today, which allows us to strengthen our community for a more purposeful, joy-filled tomorrow.

Photography: Taylor Dawn Photo -