Charliemadison Behind the Scenes

A Look Back at February 2024

Was it just me or did February fly by even quicker than January? After last month’s trip to Dallas, we played catch-up with our plan for the first quarter - we were a bit more ambitious than we should have been so a few things got bumped down the to-do list. And we were extra busy making 500 bracelets for some fun new locations - keep reading to see where you’ll be able to shop Charliemadison in real life. Take a peek at February inside our studio and home:

February Behind the Scenes Highlights: Business

- Wendy got to chat with Evie King, president of InDependent about supporting military spouse small businesses, giving back to the community, and why military spouse wellness matters.

- We are excited to announce that you can now buy Charliemadison bracelets at these 4 military museum shops :

  • USS Midway Jet Shop in San Diego, CA
  • National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, VA
  • National Museum of the Army in Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Intrepid Museum Shop, New York, NY

- Our story was featured in the first issue of Moving With the Military magazine.

- We shared the story of Colleen Marchi, veteran Army spouse, Mom to three boys, and the Founder and CEO of Magical Order of Brave Knights, in our Meet a Milspouse interview series.

- Released a new addition to our Empowerment Collection, called Rooted Within, along with a list of 10 Intentional Practices to Boost Your Mind-Body Connection and Feel Rooted Within.

- Met with 4 amazing brands and organizations to chat about upcoming collaborations - can’t wait to share more.

- Launched a new fundraiser program to partner with nonprofits to raise money for their organization. Interested in learning how you can partner with us? Get in touch at to chat.

This month's Community Favorite Bracelet is the February Mini of the Month - you ladies LOVED this one!

Our Favorite Customer Review of the Month:

“I purchase all of my gift items from Charliemadison because the quality never disappoints and I love supporting any business that celebrates military spouses! ~Patsy Y.

February Behind the Scenes: Our Personal Faves

Wendy’s February Favorites:

- My new shorter haircut - I’ve always been an experimenter with my hair - cut it short, grow it long, color it darker, go for highlights and for the past three years, I’ve let the gray grow in. I decided I needed a change and cut off several inches last week and I love how it turned out, thanks to our amazing stylist who cuts my hair as well as Madison’s and Charlotte’s - she’s the best. Thanks for always entertaining my hairstyle photos, Marissa!

- This essential oil blend on repeat in our home diffuser: Orange + Thieves + Copaiba + Peppermint

- J. Crew cotton sweaters - last winter I stumbled on these soft and lightweight cottons sweaters and fell in love. I can’t wear anything that has even a hint of wool or acrylic - it’s gotta be 100% cotton or it makes me so itchy. I was so excited that they brought them back this year - stocked up on a few new colors. They’re perfect for fall, winter, and spring!

- Black Cake on Hulu - after reading the book, I couldn’t wait to watch this series on TV and boy was it fabulous. They really brought the book to life in the best way possible.

- Grateful for: A whole weekend with Charlotte, who came home from college for a visit this month, along with my mother-in-law who was staying with us for a few weeks. We had a yummy sushi dinner, Charlotte cooked her famous Penne a la Vodka, and we watched the University of Maryland Baseball Team play a weekend tournament - Go Terps!

Books I Loved In February

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau

One Year Gone by Avery Bishop

She's Up to No Good by Sara Goodman Confino

Last Night by Luanne Rice

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead

The Heiress by Rachel Hawkins

Madison’s February Favorites:

- Reformer pilates is no joke! Wendy and I did a reformer pilates class at a local studio. This was both our first times doing this type of pilates class and boy was it super challenging but we felt strong and excited by the end. I think both of us were sore for days, so prepare yourself if you ever decide to take a class like this.

- Oh what the power of having fresh flowers can do to brighten up your mood! My boyfriend, Zach, got me this bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day and looking at it each day made me happy and truly did brighten up my day!

- Vitality matching activewear sets - I cannot recommend this brand enough if you are in the market for activewear! My newest purchase is an espresso brown matching set, a longline tank and flared leggings, and I have been living in it! I discovered Vitality (formerly known as Balance) about 4 years ago and became hooked! Their pieces are a bit on the pricer side, but they are well worth it!

- The Bigoli Bolognese from Little Coco's in Washington D.C. - This pasta bolognese is by far one of my favorite bologneses I have ever had. Homemade thick pasta noodles with beef and pork bolognese mouth is watering just typing this out. The menu is small but wow is everything tasty. This was my second time going to this Italian restaurant and it was just as good as the first time I went. If you ever visit DC and are craving Italian food, check out this place!

- Grateful for: A weekend reuniting with some of my girlfriends that I had not seen in months! A fun and wholesome weekend spent in Annapolis at one of my friend's new homes. We explored downtown with my friend's new puppy, went on walks by the water, had a fun dinner full of charcuterie, pizza, and margs, and a night out celebrating our friendship! Love these girls so much!

What We're Currently Loving:

- Looking forward to listening to The Women - Kristin Hannah’s new book (Wendy)

- Can't wait for my upcoming appointment with fellow military spouse and holistic nutritionist, Caroline Potter of Flourish (Wendy) - hoping she can help me feel a bit healthier and sort out some nutrition questions

- Currently reading (Wendy): The Lost Tomb and Other Stories of Bones, Burial, and Murder by Douglas Preston

- Finding recipe inspiration on Tik Tok (Madison): Here are some recipes that I have saved and want to try Sausage Bean and Vodka Sauce Skillet, Deconstructed Wonton Soup, and Crispy Potato Salad

- Watching The Bachelor on ABC (Madison) each week! This is my guilty pleasure reality tv show of choice, which I haven't watched in a few years and recently started watching again. Monday nights can't come fast enough!