10 Intentional Practices to boost your mind-body connection and feel rooted within

It’s lunchtime - you’re standing in front of the open fridge ready to make that yummy salad you planned for, but the leftover pasta is right there - it’s quick and easy so you grab it instead. 

Or you’re excited to try a new afternoon barre class, but 3:00 rolls around and you’re SO tired, so what’s one more day of skipping exercise?

Now you’re so frustrated and annoyed with yourself for throwing all your good health and wellness intentions down the drain and ughhhh, why is it so hard to stick to a routine?

I absolutely know that frustration because that was me up there - skipping the salad and the exercise right along with you.

I don’t claim to have a magic answer that suddenly transforms you into a gal that ALWAYS follows her wellness routine, because it doesn’t exist, but I can share a few tips that will help you feel less frustrated and gentler on yourself.


Have you ever tied a ribbon or slipped a rubber band around your wrist so you don’t forget that super important thing you wanted to do? Like setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to change out the laundry, I need reminders - something tangible to keep me on track because boy do I get distracted.

Why not have something pretty and meaningful to remind you instead? You may come to our shop to buy jewelry, but it isn’t really about the jewelry - we create bracelets with intention to add a little inspiration and meaning to your every day. Our latest addition - the Rooted Within Bracelet - will be your everyday reminder to keep you connected to the practices that help you build the best wellness routine for YOU!

Here’s the special meaning behind the Rooted Within bracelet:

There is a beautiful interconnectedness among your life, health, relationships, and well-being that offers profound wisdom and a sense of strength, stability, and peace. Understanding and leaning into the connection between your mind and body grounds you within yourself and to the world around you. Be mindful about what serves you, what adds meaning to your days, what inspires you to make healthy choices and invite more of those things into your life. Wear this bracelet to empower you to honor the extraordinary connection between your mind and body and to be intentional about cultivating everyday habits that create true wellness and lead you to feel grounded and rooted within.

Our bracelets and the meaning behind them are meant to be your everyday reminders of what’s most important in your life or what you’re choosing to focus on each day. When you slip the Rooted Within Bracelet on your wrist in the morning, let that action set your intention for the day. And when you look down at your wrist throughout the day, you’ll be reminded to intentionally choose the things that help you feel rooted in those intentions.

We put together a fun and easy-to-implement list of ideas for how you can incorporate intentional choices into your day so that you’re building up your wellness bank account and noticing the progress you’re making - not focusing on being “perfect” each day.


Start your day with 5-10 minutes of meditation, quiet time, or deep breathing. It not only sets the tone for your day, but also adds a bit of calm and deepens the connection between your mind and body. 

If you’re new to meditation or feel like you must be doing it wrong (when is the zen supposed to kick in?), start with my favorite book that takes the mystery out of meditation: Wherever You Go, There You Are.


Prioritize some type of movement each day. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, an avid runner, mad about Pilates, love your afternoon walks, or need to get your house tidied up. It all adds up to movement for the day and helps reduce stress and improves your health.

Until recently, I told myself I “had to work out today.” But I’ve switched up my thought pattern to, “how can I move my body today?” If I’ve got lots of energy, I’ll do a barre class or low-impact body weight class. When the weather is nice, I’ll go for a walk. And if I just feel tired and stressed, I’ll opt for yoga, stretching, or a recovery class. Listening to what your body needs each day is a great way to practice self-care.


If you haven’t experimented with the magic of essential oils, try adding them to your daily routine. Plants have been working their magic for centuries and can support what you need in the moment.

Feeling anxious, stressed, sleepy, or just plain worn out? Test out different essential oil blends in your home diffuser or on your diffuser bracelet to add some calm or energy to your day. If you need some ideas, we’ve got a fun Guide to Essential Oils and Oil Blends to get you started.


Add affirmations or mantras to your day - they can be used to help you focus on something important to you, a goal you are working toward, or a reminder of traits you have inside yourself - the possibilities are endless and are personal to your journey.

The beauty of mantras is you can choose one to focus on for a period of time, select a new one each day of the week, or keep several mantras top of mind for different areas of your life.

Need a little inspiration for your next mantra? Browse our list of everyday mantras to keep you focused no matter which season of life you find yourself in.


Nourish your body with healthy, wholesome foods that fuel your energy and keep you feeling your best. Think in terms of adding more real food each day rather than cutting out or “depriving” yourself of what you love. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and your family is to prepare a meal and share it together - food is the bridge to important conversations and memorable moments. Need a few ideas for easy, real-food recipes?

We love these ideas from Caroline Potter of Flourish - Healthy winter recipes for a mama with her hands full


Take time out for the things that relax you and bring you joy - read a book, draw, soak in nature, dance, play music, learn a new hobby - there’s no wrong answer here.

You may find that what you love most changes over time or with the seasons - a hobby you once loved may not excite you anymore or you may re-discover a hobby you loved years ago (ahem…..before you had kids ;-)) Whatever it is that lets your mind and body relax, do more of it.


Connect with others through shared interests, beliefs, or hobbies -  could be a book club, hiking group, or maybe cooking classes. Being part of a like-minded community, even through online connection, helps you to make connections that uplift, support, and inspire you. 

We dreamed of creating a supportive, empowering, and collaborative space, where women felt seen and heard, and found connections that could make a difference in their lives. Enter the Charliemadison Insiders Group - a place where everyone is welcome, feels appreciated and included, and that they are part of our family – you’re not just another sale.


Spend a few minutes a day writing in a journal - even if it’s just one sentence. You will build an invaluable habit that can keep you focused on what matters most in your life. Need a few ideas for what to write in your journal? Get started easily with 5 minutes in the morning or evening:

  • List 3 things you’re grateful for today
  • Write one thing you appreciate or admire about yourself
  • Jot down a quote or bible verse you’ve read recently and then journal about how it applies to your life or how you can implement it in your life
  • Do a brain dump and clear out everything in your brain before going to bed - to-do lists, feelings from the day, ideas, random thoughts - it will help you relax and banish monkey mind.
  • Write a few sentences about something you’re learning or exploring during this season of life. You’ll be able to look back later and see how you’ve grown.


Prioritize rest and relaxation by establishing a bedtime routine that promotes deep and restorative sleep. This is a hard one, especially during certain seasons of life - motherhood, career or family stress, menopause, and more - sleep can be elusive. Finding what works for you and making sleep a priority impacts so many areas of your life and your overall wellness.


Establish a morning routine that includes activities you enjoy - maybe a few minutes of  journaling, reading affirmations or bible passages, or savoring a cup of tea or coffee.

Set intentions for the day ahead, focusing on how you want to feel and what you can do to support that. You can even create a sacred space in your home where you can retreat to when you need a moment or two to yourself.

It is our intention to create special pieces that you’ll reach for over and over because they add meaning to your day and are tangible reminders that connect you to your loved ones, your purpose, and what’s most important in your life. 

Rooted Within is part of our Empowerment Collection, meant to empower and inspire you as you start a new project, power through your goals, or dream of your next big milestone. While all our bracelets are meant to bring meaning to your days, the Empowerment Collection has just a bit more intention behind it.