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Using An Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet With Your Favorite Oils

Blog post updated 11/20/18

If you're a die-hard essential oil lover, then you can appreciate it when I say that I start to feel a little stressed when my oils are not within reach. I’ve got my favorites for dealing with stress, the perfect trio to help me sleep, a few custom blends that I use on my essential oil diffuser bracelet, and my go-to faves for an afternoon pick-me-up.

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There are a lot of very strong opinions on the "best" oils, the safest, and the most cost effective. While I have my favorite source, I'm not here to convince you that one company is better than another. That’s up to you to decide for yourself – just do a little research, buy from a reputable source, and use the oils that you love!


OK, so let's talk about the many amazing ways to use your essential oils. From my own personal experience and those of my friends and family, I believe essential oils are wonderful tools to add to your wellness tool kit.

Plants have been used for thousands of years and while my scientific brain was certainly skeptical at first, I’ve been happily using oils to help with stress, ease a tummy ache, soothe my tired muscles, help me drift off to sleep, and keep the pesky mosquitoes away in the summer months.

For example, one of the most well-loved essential oils, lavender, is known for its calming properties – not only does it help soothe you to sleep, but it’s also soothing for skin irritations. Peppermint oil is wonderful for indigestion and can ease those pesky stress headaches.

Citrus oils – including lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit – are instant mood boosters, help freshen up any room in your house, and are excellent natural cleaning alternatives. Frankincense, one of the most prized oils throughout history, is beneficial for the skin (especially when added to your moisturizer) and can give you extra immune support during the winter months.

There are lots of methods to use and apply your favorite oils - you can sniff them straight from the bottle, diffuse them in your home with a diffuser, dilute them with a carrier oil (like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil…and many more) in roller bottles and apply them to your body, use them to clean and deodorize your home, and so much more.

But did you know that you can also wear them right on your wrist without having to dilute them? Yes, you can take your oils on the go with essential oil diffuser bracelets!

Essential oil diffuser bracelet stack



All essential oil diffuser bracelets have one thing in common – a porous stone or material that easily absorbs essential oils. Lucky for us, there are a number of options out there – lava stone, wood, leather (or faux leather), and clay are some great examples. While they’re each made of very different material, they’re all fabulous at absorbing essential oils and slowly releasing the scent throughout the day.

You can find diffuser bracelets made simply of braided leather (or faux leather), some with just lava or wood beads, and others like the bracelets we make, combine natural gemstones with black lava stone or wood beads. Wearing bracelets with natural gemstones has an added bonus – you can choose stones that have a special meaning to you.

For example, in a lava rock diffuser bracelet, the lava rocks are known as stones of grounding and protection. They help in finding your focus, bringing balance to your life, and grounding scattered energy. And Amazonite gems are wonderful balancing stones – they promote kindness and confidence and soothe your worries and fears.

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Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets


No matter which brand of essential oils you use with your diffuser bracelet, applying them is quick and easy.  Simply choose your favorite single oil or blend, add a drop to the porous material – whether it’s lava stone, wood, leather, or clay – and rub gently to encourage the oil to absorb. Now you’re ready to take your favorite scents on your wrist while running errands, hitting the grocery store, or dropping the kids at school!

I’m often asked how long the scent lasts and it really depends on the oil. After trying lots of oil combos, I’ve found that cinnamon and minty oils tend to last a bit longer, sometimes the whole day, while the citrusy scents have to be refreshed after a few hours.

Applying essential oils to a diffuser bracelet


1 – Replace perfume with your favorite essential oil or oil blend.

If you’re trying to keep those toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances out of your beauty routine, replacing them with an essential oil is a wonderful idea. Buy a ready-made blend from your oil company or use the tips below to create your own custom blend. Wearing your favorite essential oils instead of perfume is a great way to keep unhealthy chemicals off your skin.

DoTerra essential oil diffuser bracelets

2 – Create a custom diffuser stack.

Re-creating your favorite home diffuser blend on your wrist can often be tricky if the blend includes several oils. Adding more than two drops of oil to one diffuser bracelet can get messy. Of course, we love a great stack of bracelets on our wrist and you can create your own custom diffuser stack with two, three, or more bracelets. Simply choose 2-3 different oils and add one drop of each oil on a different bracelet. All those home diffuser blends you love so much can be used for an on-the-go diffuser stack.

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3 – Keep the bugs away.

During the summer months, your essential oil diffuser bracelet can become your best friend. When my family and I took a trip to Mexico a few years ago, the guys and the kids in the group applied those drugstore bug sprays all over themselves to keep the mosquitoes away, while I happily added a few drops of essential oils to my lava rock diffuser bracelet and ankles (with a roller bottle).

Everyone complained about getting lots of bites, while I managed to get bit just a couple times the entire week. About halfway through our vacation, everyone was begging me to share my bug oil with them!

If you don’t already have a favorite bug blend, try this combo during your next trip to a tropical (or humid!) spot.  Add equal amounts of Citronella, Lemongrass, and Geranium essential oils to a small dropper bottle – add a drop or two to your diffuser bracelet before you leave home – re-apply as needed.

How to apply essential oils to a diffuser bracelet

4 – Let your oily team know how much you appreciate them.

Reward your hard-working oil team with an essential oil diffuser bracelet to use with all their favorite oils. Whether you’re celebrating their birthday, cheering their promotion to the next business level, or gifting a small token of appreciation at Christmas or a special event - not only will they love your thoughtfulness, but they’ll have a fun and stylish way to take their oils on the go!

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5 – De-stress, motivate, focus, and relax.

When your day is extra stressful from doing all the mama or business things, or you need extra motivation and focus to power through your to-do list, reach for your favorite oils and add a drop to your diffuser bracelet. Oils are my #1 tool to keep me motivated or lift my spirits after a long day. Here are a few of my favorite oil combos you can try when you need to get through the afternoon or mid-week slump:

  • Lemon + Peppermint
  • Lime + Spearmint
  • Orange + Bergamot
  • Just about anything mixed with Lemongrass (such a mood-booster!)

Essential oil bracelets for yoga and meditation

6 – Boost your yoga or meditation practice.

There is certainly lots of research out there that shows that yoga and meditation can improve your quality of life. From personal experience, both yoga and meditation have changed my health and my attitude. And essential oils can be a great addition to your practice.

Simply add a drop of oil to your essential oil diffuser bracelet right before your practice and enjoy the wonderful scent throughout your meditation or yoga session.

We found some great recommendations from Elite Daily for essential oils that will take your yoga practice to the next level.

And Mind Body Green shares their three favorite essential oils to make your meditation practice easier in this article.

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7 – Introduce a friend to the amazing world of essential oils.

I still remember when a dear friend shared her experience with oils and got me interested in trying them for myself. And let me say that diving into the essential oil world as a newbie was completely overwhelming – which oil do I use for what? How do I use a diffuser? What the heck is a carrier oil?

My friend sent me a box filled with bottles, books, and supplies that showed me how to get started, how to dilute and diffuse oils, and helped take away the overwhelm. Several years have passed, but I remember how happy I was to get that box of goodies in the mail and I appreciated the kindness behind that one small gesture.

Sharing a few of your favorite essential oil samples along with a lava rock diffuser bracelet is a simple way to share oils with a friend and help her learn how to add them to her everyday routine. What I love most about our essential oil diffuser bracelets is that each one has a special meaning behind it to let her know how much she means to you.

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Need a few ideas to create your own custom blends for your diffuser bracelet? Here are some of our favorite blends to get you started. When creating a blend for your bracelet, you can either mix the essential oils in a small glass dropper bottle and apply one drop of your new blend to your essential oil diffuser bracelet or use tip #2 above to create your own custom diffuser stack.

Essential oil diffuser blends

Fall-Inspired Essential Oil Blends

Holiday-Inspired Diffuser Blends

Rosemary, Lavender, and Bergamot Essential Oil Blend

A Summer Essential Oil Blend

There is hardly a day that I don't have at least one essential oil diffuser bracelet mixed into my bracelet stack. They've become a regular part of my everyday routine and make it so easy and quick to apply my favorite essential oils on the go. But they don’t just serve as a tool for my oils; our bracelets are unique in that each one has a special meaning behind it to remind me of what I cherish most.

When I apply my oils throughout the day or glance at my wrist when I hear the bracelets jingle, I’m reminded of my perseverance, my strength, and my love for family and community. The bracelets aren’t just jewelry – they’re my everyday reminders that every day matters.

Here are a few of my favorite everyday reminders that keep me focused on what’s important and make the sweetest gifts for the lovely gals in my life.


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Now that you know how easily essential oil diffuser bracelets can help you keep your oils close every day and you've discovered a few basic oil blends to add to your diffuser bracelet, grab our free guide with 25 more DIY bracelet blend recipes you can try at home.

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