Gifts for Military Moms - Holiday Gifts From Our Favorite Women-Owned Small Businesses

Gifts for Military Moms - Holiday Gifts From Our Favorite Women-Owned Small Businesses

It's not always easy to find something meaningful for your military Mom during the holidays, but we've made it easy with a few ideas from some of our favorite women-owned (and military spouse or veteran owned) small businesses. We love shining a light on these wonderful small businesses that are not just run by women but are giving back to their communities and supporting military families. We hope you'll join us in shopping for your holiday gifts from small businesses this year and making this a meaningful holiday season!

Holiday gifts from small businesses - gifts for military moms

Quinn Sharp Designs

From their website: Made in Southern California by a Coast Guard spouse, every piece is handmade and completely inspired by the ocean and elements of nature, where the balance between mental, physical, and spiritual well-being come together.

R. Riveter

From their website: R.Riveter handbags are more than just canvas and leather coming together into a beautiful functional accessory. Each part and piece, from the leather support tags to the outer canvas shell, is made in the homes of military spouses across the country. No single handbag is the same. When the part and pieces come together, different backgrounds, experiences, and history are stitched into each handbag, to support one mission. 

Charliemadison Military Family Bracelets

Stay connected and feel supported during every season and transition of military life with bracelets that represent your military hero and their service to our country. 

Grins & Grace

From their website: Grins & Grace® began in 2016, when I found myself preparing to be the Mother of two kids under the age of 2. I discovered a huge disconnect in the market for Mom gear that I actually wanted to wear and also a lack of apparel for outdoorsy women in general. Women are vastly under represented when it comes to the great outdoors.  Whether you're searching for the solitude of nature, dreaming of a cozy cabin or desperately need a little adventure, Grins & Grace® is for you. I personally hand draw each design and find great inspiration in the simple, rustic life and the everyday, honest adventures of Motherhood.  

Teak & Twine

From their website:  Founded by a veteran, Teak & Twine makes gifting as easy as a couple of clicks on your beloved Amazon Prime, but for it to feel as personal as if you'd spent hours creating a gift just perfect for your friends, clients, family, or your robot-loving coworker (true story). We obsess over finding the perfect packaging, the best products, the most delicious chocolate (real hardships!!) and the verrry best way to combine bubble wrap and packing tape, so that you can go back to doing what you're awesome at!

Daisy Faye Designs

From their website: Daisy Faye Designs started in 2010, when a few baby gifts turned into a few orders, and a few orders turned into a lot more orders!  Working from her home studio in Carlsbad, CA, Kim is drawn to colorful, whimsical, and modern fabrics and focuses on designing accessories for women that are perfect for special days and for every day. Kim is originally from Dallas, TX, but has followed her Marine Aviator husband to North Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, and currently resides in Southern California.  She is a work at home mom to 2 beautiful children and is blessed to be able to raise her family and her business from home.

Nomades Collection

This shop’s story begins with four military wives. After sharing in the experience that comes with this life, they desired to have something that would help celebrate those significant memories. Thus, the Nomadés Collection came to fruition in 2009, and now, it encompasses a team of consultants all over the world to help women tell similar stories through bracelets, necklaces, accessories, and accompanying military journey charms, duty station charms, and life’s journey charms. 

Swatara Coffee

Coffee in a Box

From their website:  Swatara Coffee Co. has its origins in Afghanistan in 2013. John started dreaming of opening a coffee shop while he was deployed and engaged to Joanna. They were finally able to make that dream come true after John left the Navy and they bought a Civil War-era house in Joanna’s hometown. Focused on creating community, they named their shop after a river that runs through the town.