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Current Crushes | January Favorites

The holiday rush is behind us once again and here in Maryland, we're settling in for a few months of cold weather and snow.....hibernating in January is not my favorite! But January is also a chance at a fresh start for the new year........setting resolutions (if that's what you do) or better yet, choosing goals and intentions for how you want your life to feel. That's what I'm doing this year. So as I sift through the accomplishments, memories, and remaining to-do's of 2017, I'm excited for what 2018 brings and these fun favorites that make January just a little bit better: 

1 - Power Sheets by Lara Casey – I heard about these goal-setting worksheets that you use along with your planner of choice and was skeptical at first. Traditional goal-setting and intentions rarely stick for longer than a month or two. Well I was totally surprised at the amazingness I uncovered in my life when I dug into the Power Sheets. I'm so excited to use them this year for my personal life and business!

2 - These Pens and Highlighters that I recently discovered and am I'm in love with. They make planning so much more fun and make my planner colorful (and they're super affordable)!  

3 - Holiday-Inspired Essential Oil Blends - Even though these fun essential oil blends were inspired by the holidays, I'm still enjoying them every day in my home diffuser and on my essential oil diffuser bracelets.

4 - Emily Ley's article about Simplifying Your Schedule - It's no secret that I love Emily's Simplified Planner, but I also recently read her new book, "A Simplified Life" and am determined to implement many of her suggestions to make my home and family simpler and less hurried. 

5 - Happy Veggie Bowl from Simple Green Smoothies – If getting back to healthy eating is on your to-do list or you just love veggies as much as I do, you must try this Veggie Bowl. Make a double batch of the sauce - you'll thank me later!

6 - Our Be Present Bracelet - Not only do the neutral colors of Black Onyx, Larvikite, and Silver Quartz go with everything, but this bracelet helps me focus on my intentions for the year. It's my everyday reminder to be present with my family and not worry about the uncertainty of the future.

7 Chicken Stew - Even though I don't eat meat, I love to cook healthy and yummy recipes for my family. They love this fresh and easy chicken stew, especially when it's freezing cold outside.

8 - The perfect Mug to start off 2018 - She Believed She Could So She Did Mug by Meriwether - No matter your hot drink of choice, this mug will remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to!