Military Spouse Collaboration

Clear Vision Consulting

A collaboration with military spouse, Dr. Kennita Williams

Charliemadison X Clear Vision Consulting Collaboration

A few months ago, we shared our interview with Dr. Kennita Williams and her journey as an Air Force spouse, Mama of two, entrepreneur, and leader within the military spouse community. Her passion for growing, educating, and empowering leaders both within and outside the military community led her to Charliemadison and a new collaboration that highlights her vision for the future of Clear Vision.

Introducing the Clarity Bracelet – made for both men and women. Each day you slip the bracelet on your wrist, it will encourage you to look for clarity when making decisions about your goals and dreams. The Clarity Bracelet is your tangible reminder to focus on what's most important in your life and never give up until you achieve what you dream.

Clarity Bracelet

Clarity .....

- is the key to a clear vision.

- turns a solid plan into reality.

- brings all life's situations into focus.

Once you gain clarity, your vision is ignited. You are motivated to take meaningful action, which strengthens your focus and hones your direction. Wear the Clarity Bracelet as your everyday reminder to seek clarity as you implement, adjust your vision when needed, and believe that whatever you envision, you can achieve.

Available in smaller gemstones for women and larger gemstones for men.

The Clarity Bracelet is a collaboration with Clear Vision Consulting LLC and their founder, Dr. Kennita Williams. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Clarity Bracelet will be donated directly to support the mission of Clear Vision Consulting LLC.

ABOUT Kennita & Clear Vision Consulting

Dr. Kennita Williams is a veteran Air Force spouse, Mama of two, author, the 2017 AFI Air Force Spouse of the Year for Eielson Air Force Base, and the founder of Clear Vision Consulting LLC.

Kennita's passion for growing, educating, and empowering leaders both within the military community and beyond led her to entrepreneurship and the establishment of Clear Vision Consulting LLC - a platform for holistic education and development of authentic leaders of the future

Their mission is to serve their community as leaders by encouraging innovative and forward thinking to develop wellness solutions that will make systematic improvements organizationally, financially, personally, & physically. 

You can learn more about Kennita and her family's journey through our recent blog interview here.

Select photos courtesy of Dr. Kennita Williams.