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The Empowerment Collection

Our favorite part of creating meaningful jewelry isn’t the sparkly gemstones or the pretty color combos, but the special messages behind each piece. And often, the inspiration behind the messages is sparked by requests from the Charliemadison Community – they’re the dreams, beliefs, and mindsets you want to be reminded of each day as you slip your bracelets on your wrist.

The newest addition to our meaningful bracelets is an entire collection meant to empower and inspire you as you start a new project, power through your goals, or dream of your next big milestone. While all our bracelets are meant to bring meaning to your days, the Empowerment Collection has just a bit more intention behind it.

We’re introducing the Empowerment Collection with three brand-new bracelets – Limitless, Every Little Win Matters, and Divinely Guided. We hope they give you an extra little boost of inspiration and connect you with what matters most in your life.

And if one of them happens to help you through a tough day, brings joy to someone you love, or empowers you to be the best “you,” please get in touch and share your story with us – we love hearing from our Community!

Divinely Guided Bracelet

When navigating the ups and downs of life on earth, it is comforting to feel a connection with something bigger than yourself – whether that’s God, the Universe, your spirit guides, or angels. Those unseen forces supporting and guiding you through life can bring people, lessons, and inspirational messages that offer guidance, faith, and reassurance that you’re right where you need to be. Wear this bracelet as your everyday reminder to open yourself up to the unexpected, connect to the divine wisdom inside you - and when you need it, feel empowered to ask for guidance, then get still and listen for answers.

Every Little Win Matters Bracelet

Don’t let a small setback or detour derail your progress toward your goal, project finale, or life dream. Every win, no matter how small it feels, brings you closer to the finish line - just focus on how you can make today just a little better than yesterday. Wear this bracelet as your everyday reminder to allow your progress to empower you and embrace every imperfect action you take toward your goal - because every little win matters.

Limitless Bracelet

Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is you! Toss aside the arbitrary limits you place on yourself and the outdated beliefs that keep you stuck. Believe in the good things yet to come and recognize that perseverance, persistence, and a little bit of grit are the magical ingredients to get you there. Wear this bracelet as your everyday reminder to be empowered by your own limitless potential and allow life to unfold in its own time to show you things you never thought were possible.