Saying Thank You To Those Who Give So Much

Saying Thank You To Those Who Give So Much

It all started with a fishing trip. I know that sounds crazy, but cross my heart, it’s a true story – the inspiration for our new Thank You Collection came after a fishing trip between two retired friends in Virginia.

My Dad, who is almost 80 years old, packed up his kayak and spent the day fishing with a buddy in the Shenandoah Valley. When he returned home, he discovered that he had lost his wallet.

Understandably, he was in a panic and re-traced his footsteps but had no luck- he had resigned himself to the fact that he was going to have to make all the calls to the bank and credit card companies. The next morning, he received a surprise phone call. A woman had found his wallet and returned it to him – not a single thing was missing out of it.

To show his gratitude, my Dad asked me to send a bracelet to the woman to thank her for being so honest and returning his wallet. I searched through our bracelet inventory for the perfect gift and settled on the Gratitude Bracelet. I dropped it in the mail with a personal note, but I kept thinking that the message behind that bracelet wasn’t exactly what I was wishing for.

Thank you jewelry

I started thinking back about all the hand-written notes I’ve tucked inside your orders over the years – the sweet heartfelt messages of appreciation, encouragement, and love. And that’s when the idea for the Thank You Collection popped into my head. Why not have a collection of bracelets that come with a thank-you message? Something small but meaningful for the gals who are always helping others, sharing a little extra love, or being a bright light for someone else.

Now you can share your thanks and a little CMO love with the Thank You Collection – gemstone bracelets with thank-you messages to let your favorite gals know how much you appreciate their kindness, generosity, hard work, or presence in your life.

Thank you collection of gratitude jewelry

Thank you jewelry for friends

The Thank You Bracelets come in four different gemstone color combos – Aqua, Blush, Midnight and Denim. Choose your favorite stone combo, then pair it with one of four Thank You messages:

Thank You jewelry collection

1- Thank you for your kindness (front); I see you, spreading kindness around like confetti - thank you! Here's a little token of appreciation to let you know how much your kindness meant. (back)

2- Thank you for your generosity (front); Your kind and generous heart means more than you know! Here's a token of appreciation to thank you for your generosity. (back)

3- Thanks for all you do (front); Your devotion and tenacity have not gone unnoticed. You are amazing! Here's a little token of appreciation to thank you for all you do. (back)

4- Thanks bunches (front); A little token of appreciation to say thanks! I am forever grateful for you! (back)

Thank you jewelry - everyday reminders that every day matters

What started as a simple everyday fishing trip turned into the inspiration for simple everyday bracelets with meaningful messages to let your favorite gals know how amazing they are. An everyday reminder that the kindness, generosity, hard work, and love they share with the world truly matter!

Thank you jewelry