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Happy Thanksgiving!! While we’re busy passing around the turkey and mashed potatoes and giving thanks today,  we wanted to share with you one of the greatest blessings to our business this past year.

As most of you know, we became an R. Riveter Post to Pillar Maker this year and it’s been such an incredible experience, both personally and professionally.

You may remember R. Riveter from Shark Tank, where the founders, Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley struck a deal with investor Mark Cuban. To say these ladies are fierce, would be an understatement and I think I speak for military spouses everywhere when I say they have made tremendous strides for the military community. 


Created in an attic in Dahlonega, GA, Lisa and Cameron founded a company that not only relied on the handmade movement, but centered around putting military spouses to work all over the country. Each bag contains multiple hand stamped numbers of the”Riveters” who helped create them, telling their individual stories time and again.



In further support of military spouse entrepreneurs, they created the Post to Pillar Collection this past summer, featuring the wares of mil spouses who have made the leap into business.


Post to Pillar


“The R. Riveter Post to Pillar Collection is an ode to the age-old saying that references instability. We are flipping that notion and turning inconsistency into strength. It represents the military families who have relocated across many duty stations (often times called posts). This collection provides a pillar of support for military spouses who seek to forge their own entrepreneurial paths, despite the unique challenges that the military lifestyle + constant relocating presents.
Post to Pillar is a collection of military spouse makers who appreciate our past, learned from those who have come before us and evolved — emerging bolder, stronger + more determined than before.”
          -R. Riveter


Post to Pillar


I am so proud to be part of this amazing company’s journey and mission as a Post to Pillar Maker. And I couldn’t ask for better company, with fellow makers big and small, such as Abby Maddy Designs, Stella Valle, Bottle Breacher, and Southern Elegance.


Post to Pillar


Today and everyday we are so thankful for military spouses who are blazing new paths and bringing others along on the journey. Here’s to strong women doing hard things!


We can do it!