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Milspo Pride | A tribute to military spouses


Our newest military tribute bracelet honors the community that I have been honored to be a part of for 23 years - the military spouse (Milspo) community. My husband retired from the Navy 10 years ago and while military life is in our rearview mirror, the military spouse community continues to be a source of strength, pride, and friendship.


Military spouse bracelet


The new Milspo Pride Bracelet is a tribute to the Milspo way of life – despite the uncertainty and sacrifice that military life brings, Milspos face each new challenge with grace and bravery. The gemstones in this bracelet represent the true spirit of a Milspo:


African Turquoise
A type of Jasper - it is said to open the mind to new ideas and opportunities.


Rose Quartz
The stone of love - it promotes compassion, removes negativity, and opens the heart to love. 


Also associated with love - it encourages self-worth, well-being, and generosity.


Military spouse bracelet


Resilient, brave, strong, devoted – qualities that live in the heart of a military spouse.  They show strength with every relocation, deployment, and lost job; they’re resilient - making a new home and forming new friendships at each duty station; and they are fiercely devoted to the family and military hero they love. 

I am incredibly proud that 5% of every purchase made in our shop - including the Milspo Pride Bracelet - is given to organizations that support military members and their families. Thank you to all the military men and women for their service and to the Milspos and families who love and support their heroes every day!


XO, Wendy Hively | CEO + Founder