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MILLIE PCS Lost + Found Giveaway

We are so excited to team up with MILLIE for their 5-week-long giveaway to encourage some levity and positivity to an otherwise stressful season—PCS (Permanent Change of Station) season. Military families are either in the process of relocating right now or likely saying goodbye to friends, which makes for a crazy, busy time. While the dust settles and the boxes pile up, MILLIE will be offering a chance to commiserate together online for a chance to win amazing prizes!  During the month of August, they'll be asking their fans and followers on social media to tell them about the craziest thing they (or more likely—the movers) have ever lost during a PCS for a chance to win some fun prizes!


We are sharing our military tribute bracelets with a couple of lucky ladies during the MILLIE giveaway. We hope these special bracelets will remind them of their military hero and will connect them to what's most important in their life each time they slip it on their wrist. A big thanks to MILLIE for asking us to share some love with military spouses during the uncertain PCS season!

MILLIE PCS giveaway

MILLIE is an online community and digital marketplace that connects members of the military and their families with specialized knowledge and trusted resource providers to remove the stress and anxiety of PCSing. Check out MILLIE’s Installation and Neighborhood Guides, our network of Veteran and military spouse Realtors, and Scout, our on-demand task service composed of military spouses.

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