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Love Bracelets - Gemstones with Meaning

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and we're celebrating that special bond with our new Love Bracelets. 

Ruby Quartz - the beautiful dusty rose gemstone - is said to bring passion and energy to the wearer and offers protection during times of instability and uncertainty.  It is also a highly spiritual crystal and helps with transformation, healing, and growth. 

Ruby Quartz Love Bracelets


We've combined these dusty pink stones with three different gems - Larvikite, Silver Quartz, and Dumortierite. Each of these stones has their own special properties too.

Love Bracelets

Larvikite (left) is known for its protective qualities and helping us connect with Earth’s energies. It is wonderful for repelling negative energy, promoting our understanding of complicated issues, and aiding in rational decision making. 

Silver Quartz (center) is part of the clear Quartz family - it is used to promote learning, understand one’s limitations, and encourage diplomacy.

Dumortierite (right) helps with organization and focus; it brings a sense of order and clarity, releases fear, and boosts courage and creativity.

Beautiful gemstones with special meaning - little reminders for your wrist or to gift to someone special in your life!