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Legacy Magazine Collaboration


I was so excited when I heard about the Fall 2017 launch of Legacy Magazine, but was even more excited when they asked me to create exclusive bracelets to celebrate their launch campaign. It was a total honor to be a part of this project - no need to take time to think about it - I said yes right away.

I'm a big believer in community over competition - cheering on my fellow business friends when they launch a new project or celebrate a big win - but this one was different. This project was very close to my heart - a magazine created by fellow military spouses that celebrates life with service member families and their surrounding communities. Yes, yes, and yes! What's even better is their amazing mission:


May we cultivate curiosity while choosing clarity over chaos;

Celebrate creativity while choosing connectedness over comparison;

And curate confidence while choosing courage over comfort.


Legacy Magazine

The magazine highlights nine personas that represent the attributes courageously demonstrated by the military community. While you might naturally relate more to one or two of the personas, the gals at Legacy believe different seasons call for different strengths.

You'll be able to connect with these personas through interviews, personal narratives, and self-development exercises to provide guidance and hope for whatever season you may find yourself. Three of the personas are highlighted in exclusive packages available during Legacy Magazine's Kickstarter campaign.


The Personas


Legacy Magazine

Crusaders are trailblazers, warriors, and visionaries. They are pillars of strength who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and are willing to endure long and arduous journeys to see their missions come to fruition.


Legacy Magazine

Caregivers are equal parts pliable and strong, and they improve the quality of life of those around them by seamlessly caring for and assisting others in their pursuits. Their victories are being the cornerstone of others’ victories and their successes are found in others’ successes.


Legacy Magazine

Curators see beauty where others cannot and bring happiness to the world by collecting and presenting carefully selected items and ideas.


We believe that every individual is designed on purpose and for a purpose, with the ability to better their communities and themselves through unique experiences, qualities, and strengths.  ~Legacy Magazine


The Exclusive Bracelets


Legacy Magazine bracelets

We chose beautiful frosted gemstones in colors that match each persona and added in a touch of rose gold and our signature leather knot.

Crusader Bracelet
Wood Agate, Dragonblood Jasper, and White Magnesite gemstones


Caregiver Bracelet
Sunstone, Pink Aventurine, and White Crazy Lace Agate gemstones


Curator Bracelet
Larvikite, Blue Stone, and Howlite gemstones


Legacy Magazine personas


Legacy Magazine's Kickstarter campaign is in full swing - they've already raised over $12,000 toward their goal and first printing. You can pledge your support for this amazing publication and get an exclusive Charliemadison Originals bracelet and some other awesome goodies with the very first issue.

And you'll receive them by mid-November - in time to focus on nurturing yourself during the busy holiday season or to gift to your favorite military spouse for the holidays.

If you're a military spouse or military family, we know you'll love this wonderful resource dedicated to the community that serves and supports our country. Check out the campaign here......


Legacy Magazine

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XO, Wendy | CEO + Founder | Charliemadison Originals