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Handcrafted Holidays: Gifts For The Bag Lover

[Archived post from December 7, 2014]

This blog post is part 1 in the gift guide series “Handcrafted Holidays,” featuring handcrafted gifts from some very talented Etsy sellers.  If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace of individual shops, owned and run by artists and makers – from art and pottery, to clothing, bags, jewelry, and even edible treats.  My jewelry shop is hosted on Etsy and I love supporting other artists by buying handcrafted gifts directly from their studios!  I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks from the Etsy marketplace to help you with your holiday gift ideas.


I’m a self-confessed bag lover! I’ve even got an entire Pinterest board dedicated to nothing but bags…..and who doesn’t love a good bag? Here are a few fabulous bags handcrafted by artisans who sell on Etsy:

Clockwise from top left:  BORDEAUX Waxed Canvas Messenger bag by ikabags; Leather camera bag by PorteenGear; Linen Chevron Bag by BagyBags; Leather Clutch by eclu