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Gem of Inspiration

[Archived post from June 22, 2014]

Boy is it tough to stay motivated! I’ve struggled with this a lot lately as I’ve been working behind the scenes on our new website, designing new jewelry, working my day job, and taking care of my family. That’s a lot of balls to juggle! (I know there are so many women who can relate). And staying motivated so that I make progress is so hard, especially when I just feel like having a glass of wine and crawling under the covers for some shut-eye.

But this quote really helped me see that I was complicating a rather simple idea  – yes, motivation is tough. However, I realized that the choice of what I spend my 24 hours a day doing is all mine. It’s a mindset and keeping focused on my end goal makes it easier to skip the TV watching or internet surfing. And I can be the queen of wasting time on internet and social media – especially when I convince myself that I’m doing “research.” And I am easily distracted by shiny objects!

But it all comes back to making choices – what’s important to me and my life. Just the same as it is for you. We get to choose….we can say yes to the things that help us to become better, that make us happy, that keep us focused on how we want to live our lives. Just a simple choice, one minute at a time!