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Everyday Reminders of January's Intentions

How is it that we're already in the 4th week of January? Did you set any goals or intentions for 2018 or even just for January? I definitely did and so far, I've been making progress, even if it's a little slower than I hoped - but that's totally OK.......progress over perfection! And many times, my problem is motivation to start or the fact that I just forget to focus on what I actually want to accomplish and get so wrapped up in the mania on the news or on social media.

So I just need my everyday reminders........a bracelet or two that reminds me of what I want to focus on and how I want to feel during the week, during the month, or even for a season of life. Glancing at my wrist throughout the day to see my Focus Bracelet or my Fearless Bracelet brings me right back to my goals. And the beautiful red Fire Agate in these bracelets is a perfect gem for that too!

Meaningful bracelets for intention setting

Fire Agate is a stone of inspiration, courage, and strength - it has a fiery energy that inspires and is said to give you the courage to follow your dreams and remain on your spiritual path, despite the obstacles.

I'd say that's the perfect motivator to keep me going! It's all about the small, everyday reminders that keep us on track to feeling like we're making progress every day! Everyday reminders that every day matters........that's what we're all about!