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Everyday Reminders | Impatience

I'm sharing this because I need to hear it just as much as I'm sure many of you do! Patience is definitely not one of my strengths. When I'm impatient, it leads to lots of frustration, indecision, and lack of creativity. Luckily, after many years of doing the same thing over and over, I've learned to just take a break, walk away from whatever is making me impatient, and do something nice for myself.

And my hubby always has the best advice when I'm impatient.......he tells me that I don't have any control over the situation; and that I need not worry about what everyone else is saying or doing and just stay in my own lane!

Yep, stay in my own lane.....focus on what's ahead.....on the long journey. This isn't a sprint to the finish - it's an endurance event. The gals with the courage, guts, and sheer determination to keep going regardless of what anyone says are the ones who know that there is no final destination - only the journey. Always stop to enjoy the journey sweet friend and appreciate everything that appears along your path!



[photo from @drrebeccaray on Instagram]