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Double the Jasper, Double the Inspiration

So how did January go? Did you stick with your resolutions? Did you crush a few goals? Or did the month just fly by and leave you wondering what the heck happened?

As for me, I am off to a pretty good start. Last month, I shared why setting resolutions at the beginning of the year was definitely not for me – and why I chose instead to focus on a word of the year. Oh and did you see the very surprising word I chose? It makes me cringe a little, but I’m hoping it keeps me motivated and pushes me out of my comfort zone (that has gotten a little too comfortable:-)).

Setting monthly goals

We also kicked off January with something exciting in the shop - a brand-new Mini Bracelet of the Month. Each month in 2020, we’re creating a new mini bracelet that’s available only during that month. January’s Mini was a beauty with dreamy peach Morganite and multi-colored green Zebra Jasper. And there’s some pretty amazing meaning behind Morganite & Jasper gemstones. I chose those two stones so you’d have a little extra everyday inspiration and keep you focused on your goals, dreams, and intentions all year.

So when I sat down and thought about February, the first thing I thought of was the color red – for love, for Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day. And I know how much you ladies love everything red!

Red Jasper Valentines Day Bracelet

I had some beautiful Red Jasper stashed away and I thought February would be the perfect time to bring it out of hiding. But it’s tough to find another color to pair with red. That is until I ran across African Sea Sediment Jasper in my favorite turquoise color……I knew right away I had hit the color jackpot!

But double Jasper in a single bracelet? Yes, please! We started off this year’s Mini of the Month with a Jasper bracelet and I adore that bracelet – not just for the beautiful color combo, but also for the meaning behind the stones. You can read all about the meaning behind January's Mini Bracelet here.

That bracelet has made a frequent appearance in my everyday bracelet stack all month long. And the meaning behind Jasper has also kept me focused on my goal of pushing out of my comfort zone and continuing to try something else when my plan isn’t working out.

Red Jasper and Sea Sediment Jasper Bracelet

Here’s why Jasper is so inspiring:  It is a stone of grounding, stability, and centering – a perfect complement to meditation. It helps with conflict resolution, encourages perseverance after setbacks, promotes joy for life, and encourages compassion for others.

And that’s why February’s Mini has two different Jasper gemstones. Think of the turquoise Jasper as your reminder to stay grounded, centered, and focused. While the red Jasper reminds you to have joy, to be grateful for every day you’re alive and get to try hard things, and to practice compassion with those around you – especially during the month we celebrate the ones we love.

Valentine's Day Bracelet for her

If January took you by surprise and you didn’t make as much progress as you hoped toward your goals, don’t beat yourself up. It’s the start of a new month – you have another 29 days to re-focus and make a plan. And if you need some inspiration to keep you grounded and encourage you to keep you moving even when things don’t go as planned, then grab February’s Mini Bracelet to slip on your wrist as your everyday reminder.

Goals for February

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