Military Spouse Collaboration

Stronghold Food Pantry

Charliemadison X Stronghold Food Pantry Collaboration

It's always exciting when we get an opportunity to collaborate with an organization whose mission aligns so closely with the Charliemadison mission - supporting and giving back to military families. We were thrilled to connect with the incredible military spouses behind Stronghold Food Pantry and their vision to create a bracelet that highlights their mission.

This new addition to our Bracelets that Give Back Collection shines a light on Stronghold's mission to serve American military families facing food insecurity with care and dignity by providing food, necessities, and resources whenever and wherever they are in need. We are honored to partner with this incredible volunteer organization and help them support the fellow military families they serve.

Stronghold Bracelet

Stronghold Food Pantry has become a fortress for military families who struggle to put enough food on the table, giving pantry staples and necessities every week. Based in Fort Leavenworth, KS, we are reaching across the country through volunteer Ambassadors who represent Stronghold by distributing supplies with compassion and understanding. Our mission at Stronghold is simple: Fight food insecurity. Feed families. Build community.

A portion of the proceeds from this bracelet will be donated directly to Stronghold Food Pantry.

About Stronghold Food Pantry

Stronghold Food Pantry is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer-operated organization on Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Stronghold is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving American military families facing food insecurity with care and dignity by providing food, necessities, and resources. Stronghold strives to remove the stigma and ease the epidemic of food insecurity among military communities by proliferating awareness, advocacy, and collaboration.

Stronghold was founded by Monica Basset, a military spouse and advocate for the underprivileged in the military community. She built Stronghold to respectfully supply resources to families, provide actionable solutions, and educate others on the crisis of food insecurity in the military. Monica was named the Armed Forces Insurance Army Spouse of the Year for 2022 because of her commitment to alleviating food insecurity.

In the first five months of Stronghold's operation, over 13,100 pounds of food were donated, allowing us to serve over 3,500 family members.

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